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This power relay  is projected to 230V   application with high load capacity.
The low voltage command, positive or negative chosen and in a lower voltage (1Am) is  its absolute peculiarity. Its relay  supplied on low voltage works as antitheft, control access and  home automation where you can control operator, lamps, motors and other powers and high voltage with a easy and direct command.
You have to keep  aware specification about maximum  16A output on resistive load. I It means a commutable 4KVA power (not 4KW)

This means that the inductive elements  or capacitive (locks, engine etc..) must offer an edge to this voltage which is directly proportional to power factor cos ø.
To questions What the playload is on inductive load, The answer depends on this coefficient.

So if you don’t know the answer, it is suggests to halve the voltage load and to adopt other services to the contact  cause two good reason, since that the switching of this not resistive load leads to an electric arch among two relays poles and this: a) it consumes the  contact b) it is source electromagnetic radiation, very damaging  for electronics. (more dangerous)

We suggest to put the protection in parallel at the contact (you can find it on our WOLFSAFETY catalogue, 5VA30S10 , the one  till 24V and 5VA30S10  model, the one till 230V , 140 Joule )

Relè di potenza RL400 di Wolf Safety
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