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Lunar Professional 4G is the evolution projected by WOLFSAFETY .
It is the new phone dialer dedicate at professional sector to monitor technically technological systems in maintenance.
Its performance and new functions are news on the market.

It has a renovated aesthetic, contained dimension with integrated antenna. The  device has 5 inputs which are expanded to analogic functions, 6 outputs to which 3 optoisolated, 100 numbers in address book, event memory and identification function  on number to connected to inputs.

ANTI-JAMMER function warns in case of block to CLOUD connection to every malfunction.

App WOLFLUNAR4G allows to programma and manage ALL systems everywhere and without presence need.

When there is no data connection, WOLF LUNAR app could manage the dialer through the send by sms.
We offer Pc software local programm , Back Up and Software dedicated, WOLF my LUNAR, per la Sorveglianza e supervisione di tutti i dispositivi installati, attraverso il Cloud.


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