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Today technology offers us up-to-dated solutions to security but also  comfort and routine simplicity items.
The electronic keys escape the use of codes which has  to be memorized, to be noted, to be changed cause already  made known.

The command elements, proximity or insert keys and  remote control  can work  together in the  same machinery  and be read by  more other systems;  they could manage alarms but also open doors and gates in all security way.

WOLFSAFETY offers a complete range of products composed with command elements,  multifunctional insert keys, proximity keys, cards and remote commands which can be coexist in the same system.

Electric BIG K  keys has red  or blue bright colours.  Proximity BIG KP has double function (proximity  and electrical)  and its color is bright green.  In this second type of keys ,  the button supports  a rapid function selection.

Built-in PROXI reader is modular and compatible with all modern civil series. They employ common adaptor as JOLLY sensor,  light LUX element  and control light SPAY modules.  WOLL,  the wall reader for  external  spaces, the decoding schedules and mono and plural  functions relays schedules  complete proximity articles range.

chiave elettronica per comando antifurto
8ACCESS is a simple “manage access” system composed with 8 passages and  250 user for each  passage which are likened to a central schedule, MIND  through a BUS connection till 100 meters long.
It has  a PC software to program and use. It  is connected by USB  to local installation interventions or through LAN to be manage by user. It is possible to search events, details in the memory  on the program thanks to lots of filters. The user can activate a signal on real time of all passages on transfers through an icon management. It is an articulated system made with  proximity or insert keys or remote commands.
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